Current Portfolio

With more than 15 million miles on the CNG (compressed natural gas) fleet and a pipeline of more than 25 stations, AMP is leading the transition to CNG as a transportation fuel in the trucking industry. AMP’s end-to-end services solve the chicken-or-egg problems, i.e., which comes first, the trucks or the stations. AMP sells fuel, builds stations, leases trucks, and sources renewable forms of natural gas (R-CNG).

Kitchen Cabinet Distributors strives to be the leading provider of cabinetry solutions to their partners throughout the United States. Through a commitment to outstanding service, uncompromising product quality, consistent availability, and a collaborative approach to growing partners’ businesses, Kitchen Cabinet Distributors provide exceptional value that exceeds expectations.

Zhejiang InnoTek Co., Ltd.’s global state-of-the-art wireless sensor technique and nationally leading common mobile positioning platform provides strong technical support for internet of things industries and personal position services. Smart parking management and guidance systems, judicial community correction systems, integrated personal position and vehicle positioning monitors developed by InnoTek have been widely applied in smart traffic, smart judicature and smart positioning.

Norfleet Quality is a mulch manufacturing and wholesale business located one hour south of Washington D.C. in Fredericksburg Virginia. Norfleet’s wholesale distribution network includes home and garden centers along the Eastern seaboard from North Carolina to New York.

Parche partners with valet services at restaurants and hotels to allow you to request your car, pay, and tip for valet parking, all from your mobile device without even leaving your table. Users simply download the free app to their Apple or Android device. Currently, Parche is working with restaurants and hotels in a number of U.S. cities.

Selerity is a technology and media company that uses proprietary data science to deliver real-time data, news, and content analytics for demanding users in the financial services and publishing sectors. Selerity’s mission is to empower professionals with relevant intelligence based on their individual workflow and what’s happening in the world real-time.

A “Tribute” is a video montage of a group (the “Tribe”) that comes together to share their appreciation, admiration and encouragement for a person they all care about. is Tribute’s software platform that easily sends out invitations and reminders, collects videos, compiles videos and makes the whole Tribute creation process painless and beautiful.

ZeekBeek is an online legal marketplace where consumers can find lawyers and lawyers can connect with one another. At ZeekBeek consumers can search for lawyers by typing a legal problem in the search bar, or can browse for lawyers by practice area. By partnering with state bar associations across the U.S., Zeekbeek is able to provide consumers with accurate, credible information about each lawyer’s standing.